QIt’s my first time riding skates. What do I do first?

Practice walking or simple actions before entering the rink. Try riding byholding on to the wall when entering.

It is a good idea toenjoy safe skating by learning how to ice skate through lesson program.

QWhat kind of exercises can I do before riding?

It is easy to get hurt due to stiffenedmuscles because of the cold, especially during winter.

Make sure to raise thebody temperature by exercising the muscles, especially the joints such as wristand ankles.

QDo I have to wear safety gear?

We recommend all users to wear safety gearssuch as gloves, helmet, and knee pads in case of falling or crashes on top ofthe ice.

Helmets and knee padscan be used for free. (Hockey helmet masks cannot be used since it can threatenthe safety of others.)

QHow should I dress up?

We recommend wearing long pants, longsleeves, and waterproof clothes. You must wear gloves.

You cannot enter therink without gloves (Purchase gloves and socks at the rink).

QWhat size should I pick for ice skates?

Sizes are from 170mm to 300mm.

The skates are around 5-10mm bigger than normal shoes.

You can exchange sizes in case they are too big or small.

QCan I use my own skates?

Yes, you can use own skates after purchasing a ticket.

(However, speed skates cannot be used due to safety.)

QWhat is the age limit?

Children under the age of 6 cannot enter. Childrenfrom age 7 can enter with a guardian.

For children entering with guardian, makesure to use children’s rink.

QHow can I cancel ticket/lesson and get refund?

Cancel tickets 24 hours in prior. Tickets cannot becancelled on the day.

Cancel On-site tickets 1 hour prior to entering.

QHow can I make reservation?

Normal Entrance Reservation can be done 7 days inprior to 24 hours in prior (online).

Although Today’s Reservation Status can be inquired,reservation cannot be done on the day.

Please call or visit the rink for group reservation onthe weekdays (Monday-Friday).