Ticket reservation

Person Group
Internet/mobile reservation and site sales, curling free usage ticket is only proceeded at site sales. Reservation in advance(site visit or daily reservation) You can apply for group reservation request by filling in group reservation request form and sending e-mail to seoulskate@gmail.com You need to check confirmation details through phone call as it can be modified according to group reservation applied and the situation at site. Application download

Representative inquiry

TEL 02)1544-1555(service hours 10:00 ~ 18:00)

  • Online reservation is available for whole usage date from 16 th December.
  • The cancellation of online reservation is possible at 23:59 before the usage date and you cannot cancel at site on the usage date.
  • You must be aware that curling experience is available for students above the elementary school.
  • Site reservation is possible for usage on the date.
  • Entrance costs for skate and curling : 1,000 won for 1 hour. (1 hour for once, including rental costs)
  • It can be operated flexibly according to the situation at a skating rink on the date.
  • It is difficult to confirm relevant documents for the subjects of discount usage, you can get a refund by visiting ticket office after reserving the ticket at 1,000 won for 1 person with confirmation of the contents.
    (Relevant documents : certificate of the National Basic Livelihood, certificate of disabled person, certificate of preferential treatment and ID card)
  • Zero-Pay is only available on the ticket booth..